• Fast turnaround solution to an urgent illumination requirement on a major road construction project
  • Our consultation offered a solution that had not yet been considered, providing greater cost-efficiency and reduced health and safety risks


    Coventry City Council had recently completed construction of the new Western Link Road, a project undertaken to deliver improvements to public transport infrastructure and associated highways which will bring significant economic, social and environmental benefits to the city of Coventry.

    Following completion, the Council’s Transport and Infrastructure team identified an urgent pending design issue related to the installation of new traffic signs that needed to be erected above a dual carriageway. Because the road had already been constructed without electrical supply, the Council believed their only option was a self-contained power unit at the location of the lights. Assuming it would be their only option given the accessibility and power supply constraints, we were asked to look at possible solar-powered options.


    On assessing the site and specific location of the signs, we presented the Council with an alternative solution, alongside a solar-powered option, that factored in possible safety risks and nearby electrical supply. The Council had not been aware of the windage of the solar panels and sign plates, as the post that they sat on needed to be fixed to a bridge parapet above the dual carriageway. We highlighted serious safety concerns regarding the load of the fixings and also the difficulty in which future maintenance could be carried out.

    The Council were understandably reluctant to excavate the recently constructed carriageway, but agreed that a slot trench for an Extra Low Voltage (ELV) cable to run within would be acceptable. This enabled us to propose a solution where the ELV cable would take its electrical supply from a lighting column on the opposite side of the road, as well as a solar option where the panels would be mounted on a post on the opposite side of the carriageway.

    After consultation with us, the Council opted for the ELV cable solution. Our team sourced the Simmonsigns LUB Sign Lights complete with plates and galvanised posts with bespoke flange plate bases - a product designed to be durable, vandal resistant and to distribute light effectively so that signage can be seen by both drivers and pedestrians alike, whatever the weather.


    The ELV cable solution proved to be the most cost-effective option and offered significantly reduced risk to health and safety, as technicians would be able to investigate potential electrical issues at the source of the supply on the opposite side of the road. If a solar-powered option had been chosen, all maintenance and investigative work would have involved inspection of the signs and panels directly in their mounted position, posing greater risk to the safety of the technicians and potentially requiring part-closure of the road.

    This solution also reduced the amount of components that needed to be fitted to the signs, and so in turn, meant that there would be less equipment at risk of damage from the weather.

    The installation went very well. Many thanks for your prompt and helpful contribution, we greatly appreciated your very knowledgeable and proactive input.

    Dr Marie Kanayan
    Senior Project Manager, Coventry City Council


    Simmonsigns LUB Sign Lights are designed to be durable, vandal resistant and to distribute light effectively so that signage can be seen by both drivers and pedestrians alike, whatever the weather. 


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