• Off Grid Lighting Solution
  • Improved Perception from the General Public
  • Enhanced feeling of safety
  • Ease of long term maintenance and initial install


Originally designated the Prittle Brook Greenway after its refurbishment during 2010-2012, this 5.7km route serves as a vital traffic-free connection for cyclists and pedestrians in Southend-on-Sea. Linking urban areas to Woodlands Park in Hadleigh, it offers access to Priory Park, local schools, the hospital, and residential zones. Despite its significance, safety concerns hindered nighttime usage, with 50% of residents avoiding the path after dark due to worries about anti-social behaviour. Responding to community feedback, the Southend-on-Sea City Council allocated £225,000 to install lighting along the greenway.

The project was entrusted to Marwood Lighting Solutions to meet the client brief of providing an off-grid lighting solution that would enhance safety along the rural Prittle Brook Greenway.

Due to the location, no works vehicles would have access to the project either at installation stage or in the future for maintainence of any installed assets therefore products needed to be considered to overcome these challenges whilst still meeting the lighting brief.

Prittle Brook Lookeing East Daytime


Marwood Lighting Engineers visited Southend on Sea to survey the 3.5Km of Prittle brook Greenway between Eastwood Road and Victoria Avenue. These site visits were important to support our desktop design and ensure that the Solar powered solution selected could illuminate the pathway to BS5489-1:2020 and to review any specific site constraints that would need to be considered for the design proposal. Marwood’s lighting design team produced plots to determine the optimum spacing between the lanterns and to satisfy Southend on Sea City Council that light spill would be carefully controlled. Guidance was also given as to where overhead foliage might present an issue in acheiving adequate solar irradiance for the luminaires to charge during daylight hours. 6m Heavy Duty Raise and lower columns were selected to ensure the scheme could be easily maintained from ground level in the future as the site does not allow for vehicle access. The lighting was installed in the positions indicated in the lighting design by Southend’s nominated contractor in a phased programme which Marwood Lighting Solutions supported, stocking all materials and delivering on our own transport to suit the phased project roll out over several months.


The solution provides a safer environment for pedestrians and cyclists, particularly during evening hours.

Cllr Meg Davidson, former cabinet member for environment, commented, "The Prittlebrook Greenway is a beloved path for walkers and cyclists in our city, but it's clear some folks avoid it after dark due to safety concerns.

"The new lights are solar-powered, so they do not need electricity and are smart too. They turn on when someone uses the path and dim down when they're not needed, being solar powered it saves energy and money."

David Player, Sales Director at Marwood Lighting Solutions commented, "The solar-powered luminaires we selected for the Prittle Brook project are already known to be performing well on many UK projects, making them the perfect fit for this project as there was no power supply to the area which was in need of lighting. Marwood partner with the very best lighting brands globally, and our extensive collaborations enable us to deliver optimal outcomes for our clients. Our experience in contributing to all stages of lighting projects starting from initial brief and taking time to understand client needs, through to supporting the installer in successful delivery is what we are most proud of, it's so rewarding to see another successful outcome for our client having been with them every step of the way.

The installation has significantly enhanced safety and accessibility for residents of Southend-on-Sea. By combining energy-efficient technology with smart controls, the project demonstrates a commitment to both sustainability and community welfare''.

At time of installation it is one of our largest Solar powered projects with 120 column positions covering the 3.5km scheme.


Our Design utilised Solar powered lanterns and Heavy duty Mid-Hinged columns to suitably support the lantern load and for future for ease of maintenance


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